Business As Unusual


Business As Unusual

Business as (un)usual ?

Let’s step together - we have a lot of news from our media owners and interesting target groups to speak to.

This article (in German) published recently in Horizont discusses a survey carried out by the market research institute Intervista AG on the effect of advertising. It makes very interesting reading.




Today, we are proud and happy to announce our new mandate to commercialize the OOH of the Green Motion electric charging infrastructures!

We believe, this unique opportunity to test billboard advertising will be very interesting, trendy and unique.

So far, no advertisers could yet be present on the electric charging infrastructures and Green Motion is about to commercialize the surfaces.

We'll start with a first package in the French speaking part of Switzerland and then early 2021, we'll enlarge the offer to the Swiss German part.

The test shall be held in Sommer/ Autumn 2020 and the rule "first come - first served" is applicable.

We believe that a communication would be of interest due to the environment, mobility & sustainability and also due to the high quality of positions and future possibilities of creativity from the clients side we will offer.

For the time being, one format is available;

Green Motion is a pioneer in the charging infrastructure since 2009; a pure player in the design and manufacturing of charging solutions for electric vehicles. It has one of Europe's most important electric vehicle charging networks.

Here you can find the presentation about Green Motion and Evpass including our package offer.

If you are interested, please contact us with any questions you may have.




Since April 22nd 2020 FORBES DACH has run a new livestream programme named F15'

– Forbes 15 minutes –

Some words from the publisher: On our new digital TV channel F15' we conduct video interviews with the most important entrepreneurs in the DACH region - and beyond.

The program starts at 9:30 with "Good Morning Vibrations"

We invite you to the first session with Pamela Reif

See some of our further live streams here :

Welcome to Forbes15' ! We are looking for new sponsors, please contact us.





Robb Report

“The better you”

Going from big travel dreams to relaxing moments.

The publisher is planning an important coverage on Switzerland! Come with us and be an advertising partner.

Publication: 20th July 2020

Booking deadline: 9th June 2020





All about G.ELD,-

Saving money - the easy way!

Financial objectives can be achieved even with modest amounts.

The magazine G.ELD,- points out how money can be saved with simple tricks, and how our readers can achieve their personal financial plans.

It relieves savers of their fear of more complex forms of investment and encourages making investment decisions.

If you are interested in receiving this first issue, please send us your request. We can send it by PDF or by post.




SZ Finance

Secure investments are of above-average importance to SZ readers: more than 2.5 million readers belong to the category of security-conscious investors.

However, investors who are ready to take risks* are also represented to an above-average extent among the SZ readership, with 300,000 readers**.

Plan on our upcoming special topics on finance:

Sustainability series: Financing II 19 Aug
Sustainability series: Investments 21 Oct
Inheritance and bequest 11 Nov
Exchange traded funds II 12 Nov
Private banking I 19 Nov
Mobile banking 26 Nov
Money and taxation 10 Dec

More information here.




The digital platform on

Online for 4 weeks since mid-April -  the topic "Investment and Finance" on



The digital way to enjoy life!

DER FEINSCHMECKER Shop delivers high-end products directly to your kitchen.

Take your seat, please!

The best chefs, producers, personalities and trendsetters from the culinary scene: DER FEINSCHMECKER Podcast – in collaboration with Online Marketing Rockstars(OMR) who invites you to entertain the dinner conversations.

A menu to suit every taste

Your campaign on


Budget: 25.500 €

Media Package BANNER

Budget: 14.000 €

Editorial Package MEDIUM

Budget: 10.500 €

Editorial Package SMALL

Budget: 7.000 €

The Podcast

Food for the ears…

Pure audio enjoyment: Become part of the FEINSCHMECKER podcast with a (one-off) natively spoken ad block. The content is coordinated with the client, the exact wording remains at the discretion of the editorial board.

What does a native integration sound like? Lend this to your ears:

 You can read more about our special offers and digital projects here:

Download English

Download German




Please see the update here on The Evening Standard, as ES navigates its way through these challenging times.

You’ll find details about the new door drop distribution model, soaring online traffic, and packages for brands that want to be present and remain top of consumer consideration.

A small reminder that for the Standard it’s business as “usual”.

Some more news:

Hereby please find the latest presentation made by the publisher including a very interesting impact study during the pandemic and after the pandemic!


We know Captain Tom has us all beaming ear to ear but we are going to give you even more reasons to be in good cheer !

1)   Our Evening Standard Food for London Now appeal has raised an incredible £3m.  Working with the Felix Project, the brilliant charity that our former chairman Justin Byam Shaw set up, we’re now helping to deliver the equivalent of 100,000 meals a day to the poorest and most vulnerable Londoners.  The longer the crisis continues, and the greater the economic damage being done, the more hardship there will sadly be – and the more people will need the support of our appeal.  Therefore we continue our pledge to go on raising even more.


2)   The Evening Standard is proud to continue to be a brand partner of The British Fashion Council (BFC) who has just announced that for the next twelve months all London Fashion Weeks will merge women wear and menswear into one gender neutral platform, to allow designers greater flexibility. For this June, London Fashion Week, will take a new form, as a digital-only platform in light of the current environment, and will run from 12th June 2020 through the time period of former London Fashion Week Men’s. The digital platform will relaunch and be for both trade and consumer audiences; embracing the cultural commentary, creativity and humorous spirit for which British fashion and London are known for. Let me know if you would like to see how your brand could be involved.





The latest issue has been published! You can download and discover it here:


Paperjam is offering this month a 100% digital version on top of the printed issue in order to reach the largest number of readers during the lockdown.

The editorial team of Paperjam has realized a special issue «Luxembourg Recovery: 50 ideas to rebuild ».

Our next specials are planned as following:

July 2nd       Paperjam supplement Private Banking

Sept 24th    Fusion Paperjam supplement Investment funds + ALFI

Oct 29th      Paperjam supplement Green Economy


  • Business and political decision makers in Luxembourg and the Greater Region
  • Opinion leaders and influencers
  • Senior and middle managers
  • Mainly graduates
  • Locals and foreign expats
  • Residents and cross-border workers





The benefits of incorporating Delano (print & digital) into your media plan:

  • Luxembourg is home to over 81,000 English-speaking expats, most of whom are white-collar workers of high and superior socio-professional categories, that make up Delano’s core target market.
  • Every year this readership grows as a result of new expats arriving with no opinions whatsoever of local brands, making them a prime target for advertisers seeking new customers.
  • The Delano Live events are a valuable complement to the print and digital offerings, providing advertisers with an opportunity for direct contact with the Delano community by associating their own images with such events through sponsorship.
  • The magazine is distributed on Luxair business flights to London, Dublin, Stockholm and Copenhagen. * no inflight distribution actually


  • Luxembourg’s international community (white-collar, longstanding and newly arrived expats, eurocrats)
  • Luxembourgers in mixed relationships or involved in the diplomatic field or international business
  • Luxembourg expats and Luxembourg institutions abroad

Some interesting themes and issues this autumn:

Oct 8th        Alternative fund Industry (Business Alternative, Funds Industry, Lifestyle)

Dec 9th      Business: Innovation & Technology, Lifestyle - Wines & local brands



The leading « écofin » daily newspaper; It is the principal source of information for and about the business community. The site has over 200’000 unique visitors each month.

Structure of the site:

. Politics & Institutions

. Financial place & Markets

. Companies & Strategies

. Communities & Expertise

. Lifestyle & practical life

Oct 27th – special “dossier” – Wealth Management



The reference for the “Anglophone” community living in Luxembourg.

Different ad packages or classic advertising available! Contact:





FD Mediagroep

On April 30th 2020, the latest NOM (National Survey for Print Media) reach figures were published (NOM Print Monitor 2020-I). This survey is published quarterly.

In addition, the NOM Target Group Monitor was also published the same day, this survey is published once per year.

Good news!
• The FD remains the only national newspaper that can claim that it is selective in the target groups 25-54 years, 20-49 years, under 50 years old and under 65 years old.

  • The highest social classes remain a large part of the FD readers. As an indication: 23.3% of all Dutch people aged 13+ belong to the highest Social Class A.
  • Of the FD readers, no less than 57.2% fall into Social class A. The FD therefore realizes a very high selectivity in this target group. : index 246.





We would like to share with you the initiative #Seriesfrommybalcony that it is being carried on by Exterior Plus and Amazon Prime Video in different neighbourhoods of Madrid, taking giant OOH TV screens to show and share together the latest series and movies.

This action has been very well received by the neighbours of the different districts and had an enthusiastic media headlines.

Life is coming back to the streets, shopping centers, parkings and last but not least..trains.

We offer many DOOH spaces at key positions with more and more through traffic. (persons & cars/motos).

The airports have to wait a bit, domestic flights are planned during the summer period. Speak then to the local consumers and secure you DOOH space at Madrid or Barcelona Airport.

Book early at exceptional rates!





Adam The Magazine

OUR READERS SAY: "ADAM THE MAGAZINE is a touch of arrogance.“

Our Gentleman readers are with us in print & digital!

Plan on our next issue: 26 October 2020

Packages including advertising and news in print & digital + IG Posts + newsletter are available and handled by our editor in chief, Sabrina Kaiser, personally.






From this link you can find a comparison between Switzerland, Germany and Austria, and which of the countries is leading in regards the theme of artificial intelligence.

Don’t miss our next issues!

Publication: 30.6.20

Booking deadline 18.6.20

Themes: 30 under 30 DACH, Innovation, Future Trends, Young Leadership

List: Forbes 30 Under 30 DACH 2020

Publication: 25.9.20


Themes: Female Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, Luxury,

Ranking: Richest Selfmade Women

Publication: 30.10.20

Trade & Industry, E-Commerce, Sustainable investment, Industry & IoT, Ranking: The best Fund managers (DACH Region)

Publication: 27.11.20

Themes: Next, Future Technologies & Trends, Innovation/Disruption, New Markets, Sustainability

Publication: 11-18.12.20

Themes: Security, Cybersecurity, Data, Sustainable Business

*themes subject to change







The official magazines of the Swiss Sailing Association.

Quality for the readers, efficiency for advertisers!

"Skippers", the official magazine of the Swiss Sailing Association and the largest nautical events, is the only Swiss magazine entirely devoted to sailing, the sea and its actors. As the undisputed leader of the Swiss sailing press (the last REMP-certified 19,414 copies are sold per issue), the quarterly magazine published in German and French is an indispensable medium for reaching Swiss sailors and boat owners.

Reader profile
More than half of the Skippers' subscribers (53%) own a boat, most of them a sailing and some also motorized boats. Essentially male, this active and wealthy readership is composed for a large majority of executives and managers, with high purchasing power.

A special package is available for the 4 main issues and the 3 special issues:

Skippers Motor: yearly special on motor boats.

Skippers Travel:  yearly special "Travel" and dream Holidays.

Next Issue : July 2020 with the theme MOUNTAINS

Skippers Boards: yearly special on Surf- and Katesports

* advertising sales non exclusive, clients from the sailing sector excepted.



Email us at Affinity-PrimeMEDIAPlease contact us for exciting commercial advertising opportunities.

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