April 2020 Newsletter


April 2020 Newsletter

We believe in the future.. lets go together!  

Our News may be old tomorrow, but this is what happens today!

Horizont 2.3.20 : A bit old but we still agree

Werbewoche 28.1.20 : Trust in News, this seems to remain

Wie Werbungtreibende von der Glaubwürdigkeit von Print profitieren

Wie Werbungtreibende von der Glaubwürdigkeit von Print profitieren





Affinity-PrimeMEDIA is going further into the future; we have won the representation of a major media owner of digital and print - ESI MEDIA  - including standard.co.uk, independent.co.uk, Evening Standard and (ES Magazine* suspended until 31.5.20, due to the Corona Virus pandemic.)

Some salient words from the publisher.

As we all learn to navigate these turbulent times, the Evening Standard is no different in terms of having to be agile and in synch with its readers’ needs. In times of crisis and uncertainty, people turn to trusted news sources for reliable news, information and analysis. Since its launch on May 21st, 1827, the Evening Standard has had a proud history of standing defiantly alongside Londoners even in the most challenging of circumstances.

In distribution ESI Media has been moving mountains to establish a new London Home Delivery Service which sits at the heart of their new 500,000 distribution strategy, navigating all manner of logistical issues to get copies into the letterboxes of readers in 26 different London neighbourhoods.

ESI Media also announced the launch of an urgent new appeal, Food For London Now, in partnership with The Felix Project and backed with a £350,000 grant from the endowment of The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund. See here for further info on how you too can support this critical new initiative: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/foodforlondon/food-for-london-now-campaign-help-feed-capital-a4399451.html

The Standard really is making a difference to people’s lives. Measurably too, when you look at our digital output which has broken all previous records last week. And that’s important because it means that our quality journalism and reliable advice for Londoners as we tackle the Covid-19 threat is reaching more people than ever. Article views are up over 60% in a month; our app useage is up 25% in that time; and every single day the site has more views of its news videos than it got in a whole month just 18 months ago.

And why not continue to dream and realise dreams in the future?

Travel Survey




Trusting websites is important to The Independent’s users

Our Users:

52% female / 48% male

65% ABC1

41Medium age, among those 56% between 15 and 44 years old






Our Users:

51% male / 49 % female

65% ABC1

45 Medium age, among those 51% between 15 and 44 years old

Beside the breaking news, all the beauty, fashion, features and must-haves are available within the lifestyle channel (fashion, food & drink, travel, design, Homes & Property, health & fitness, and ES magazine) at standard.co.uk. This is the perfect environment to extend your brand to reach more than 1.5 million online visitors.

See the PDF here






From our publisher: The only thing that has been stable for the last couple of months is the depressing weather, 24 hours a day breaking headlines about some Mexican beer and that "Battlefield Earth" from 2000 with John Travolta still hasn't been nominated for an Oscar...

And no, we're not starting using carrier pigeons - we tried it, but the bird got stressed.

And no, we're not going to get a Greek soldier by the name of Pheidippides to run for us.

What we have done is changing the fixed price to a CPM based model.

That means in short, that our clients now only have to pay for the mails that are actually opened...

Please find a PDF here  with a few slides about it for those of you who are better at drawing a ship than writing the word (only 5 slides and one of them is a picture).




L'Obs Editorial Agenda

Subject to change.



Some time ago…The results of the “Mediamétrie” showed…

L’OBS has its 14th place under the category “Actualité”, thus in front of L’Express and Le Point.

With 8.8 million unique visitors and 661,000 surfers (average number per day)  67% of the audience is mobile.





Robb Report

'The Better You!'

We’ll publish dreams about travel and relaxing moments.

Next issue: 20.7.20

Find some more information about our next issue here





Süddeutsche Zeitung

Süddeutsche Zeitung is still the leading newspaper in reach and by paid circulation among the national quality dailies in Germany.

SZ is opinion leading and stands for investigative in-depth quality journalism.

No matter if for the latest news, for background reports or for expert analysis, SZ provides the readers with reliable, based on fact information from politics, business, culture, sports and science.




Süddeutsche Zeitung will be publishing a special magazine G.ELD - all about MONEY.

G.ELD is a guide on where to invest, why to invest, how to invest money. In short: how to set and reach personal and individual financial plans.

The first magazine will be published on Saturday, 25 April.

Our Saturday circulation is at over 400,000 and the weekend issue has a shelf life over the entire weekend including Sunday.

This is enough time for our readers to digest G.ELD carefully.

Find the media kit here

PS: The advertising deadline for print has passed BUT, digitally we are ready to submit personal offers!


SZ Financial Topics


Almost every second SZ reader*(2.78 million) is interested or even very interested in the subjects of financial investments & retirement planning.

Find the Special Finance main topics here





Wolfgang Krach

Investigative journalism pays off for Germany's leading quality daily as it hits 100,000 digital subs in January, writes Editor in Chief Wolfgang Krach.

Based in Munich, Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) is best known for its investigative journalism and in-depth political reporting.

Read more here: https://blog.wan-ifra.org/2020/01/27/2020-sueddeutsche-zeitung-passes-digi-subs-milestone

If you want to get an impression of what we are doing – go to:






Wolfgang Krach is Editor in Chief of Süddeutsche Zeitung and is on the Board of the World Editors Forum.





Evening StandardEVENING STANDARD, the quality newspaper

ES MAGAZINE (*suspended until May 31st 2020), the fashion & lifestyle reference, partnership London Fashion weeks (in normal times…)






Insider is the Evening Standard’s vibrant new digital platform reaching aspirational individuals with quality lifestyle and fashion content.




Print is very much key - Print is also still 100% active during these challenging times –don’t forget !


The newspaper consists of two sections:

  • First section: the past week’s current news and a preview of the coming week.
  • Second section: Revolves around future developments, particularly in technology, digitalization, and society at large.



PersoonlijkFD Persoonlijk focuses on the world of highly educated men and women in their thirties and forties.

Werk& Geld (Work & Money) is a fixed section in the magazine.

  • FD Weekend + FD Persoonlijk already have the largest subscriber group receiving the newspaper and magazine at the home address.

Our upcoming FD Persoonlijk special issues: Design & Interior Special (2 May) and Fashion Special (5 September)

2.5.20 - Design & Interior

5.9.20 – Fashion

26.9.20 – Man Style

17.10.20 – Design & Interior

21.11.20 – Holiday Gifts

19.12.20 – Christmas Issue






Tempus is a glossy magazine about watches, jewellery and business for collectors and watch lovers.

Next issue: October 10th, 2020





The e-paper and FD app are read intensively in the weekend

Digital FD readers on weekdays

The e-paper is generally read on weekdays until 09:00, as is the newspaper’s print version. (40% of all e-paper users read it before 09:00 in the morning)

fd.nl is visited very frequently during office hours –this has even increased with everyone working from home in recent weeks (nearly 70% of fd.nl visitors check the website during office hours).

On weeknights, we see that the FD app and mobile version of fd.nl are used intensively up to approximately 23:00. (35% of total app use on weekdays)

Digital FD readers in the weekend

In the weekend, too, the e-paper is read intensively in the morning in particular (nearly 50% of readers use the e-paper before 10:00 in the weekend). On these days, readers seek out more in-depth and opinion articles than on weekdays.

Throughout the weekend, we see that the FD app and mobile site are used intensively up to approximately 21:00 (over 35% of mobile users do this in the weekend, too).

FD Digital –during the worldwide pandemic (Covid-19)

Dutch inhabitants are massively looking for trusted news these days. The economy of every country is at the center of the challenging time ahead and it is therefore not strange that people are looking more and more to FD and its brands for trust and guidance.

The visits on our website www.fd.nl went through the roof!

Stock market has plummeted last week and therefore investors want price/index information and stock market news in real time. The ‘Beurs’ section shows extremely rising figures. Financial economic news has been consumed higher than usual during the past, difficult period.

  • WEEK 11 (9-15 March), the number of unique visitors to FD.nl was 48% higher than the average of the previous weeks in 2020.
  • WEEK 11 (9-15 March) The number of page views on FD.nl was even 54% higher than the annual average.
  • WEEK 11 (9-15 March) Visitors also clicked on more pages per visit and spend more time per session. Monday March 16 was the day with the highest number of unique visitors on FD.nl of 2020(189,669).

Now available… new advertising formats

RENEWED: Homepage advertorials (cross-device)

RENEWED: Stock exchange advertorials (cross-device)

New: The Super Header Plus

New: Mobile Portrait (video) - Over 60% of traffic on FD.nl is mobile! …and two extra mobile formats with a mobile half page and mobile header!






Some words from the publisher…

We at Forbes like to face reality.  The Coronavirus pandemic is the biggest challenge the global economy has faced in almost 80 years. In the midst of this crisis, however, we see the power of entrepreneurial thinking: Large companies work tirelessly to find an antidote, or are adapting their entire form of collaboration to make sure that their employees aren’t put in danger. Startup founders fight to keep the lights on by transforming their business model within the matter of days. And entrepreneurs work 24/7 to make sure that their company produces and ships medical equipment, food, medicine – and even toilet paper.

It’s clear to us that we don’t save lives with our coverage. But our bet – and we’ve made it since 1917 – is that telling these stories will help our readers see that every crisis offers new opportunities and that hope is never lost if you act, especially when things get tough. We want to make sure that we do everything we can do to play our part. For this, however, we need strong partners like you. Partners that realize that there is a need to keep informing, inspiring and entertaining our readers.

We know that you’re facing challenges with your organization. But we also know that you’ve accompanied us on our journey to establish Forbes in Switzerland for a while now. Together with Affinity-PrimeMEDIA, we’re dedicated to do everything we can to continue our collaboration in these challenging times. We’re hard at work to develop new products and make our coverage even more suitable to the current reality. More digital content, more multimedia formats – while still continuing to publish an outstanding print magazine.

We’ll be in touch to make sure that we come up with an individual solution and customized campaigns to fit your current needs. We want to make sure that we can count on you as a strong partner going forward. We’ve been doing this since 1917 – we’re not planning to stop now.

Next issues
22.5.20 Money – Investments – Health

  • Staying in Business
  • Investing
  • Health & Wealth
  • Ranking: Forbes Billionaires List

30.6.20 30 under 30 DACH

  • List: Forbes 30 Under 30 DACH 2020
  • Innovation
  • Future Trends
  • Young Leadership

Download the media kits here:





Adam The Magazine is a multidimensional script for men. The magazine speaks to a multifaceted, successful man who is culturally plugged in. Adam`s unique blend of intelligent service, stories with substance and ability to entertain and inspire make it a relevant source and must-read for tastemakers and influencers.

Adam is the voice, that resonates with modern man.

We adapted our plans…


Publication planned between beginning of June and mid of July 2020; more information is available at info@affinity-primemedia.ch


Publication date: October 26th, 2020

Booking deadline: September 25th, 2020

New media kit to download




THE watch making Swiss magazine with circulation and distribution certified by the official Swiss auditor for the media:  REMP/WEMF (22,741 copies).

Each issue is printed in two bilingual versions : one in French/English and one in German/English.

Each issue also benefits from a specific distribution, depending “normally” on the current events (exhibitions, events, ...) and on the focus of the magazine.

Next editions: * dates of publication & events to check out

GMT 67 – Summer Issue– 01.06.2020* (distributed until mid-October)

GMT XXL CH – Fine Watchmaking - 01.07.2020 (15‘000 copies in English)

Beside the attractive A3 format and the exclusive character of this special issue (only open to twenty selective brands), the GMT XXL is a very powerful marketing tool. Composed of institutional editorials prepared in partnership between you and the editor, you completely control your message.

GMT 68 – Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève – 15.10.2020 (distributed until mid-December)

As we are the official media partner of Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG), this issue includes the official catalogue of the pre-selected watches and retain a huge interest as soon as it’s released.

GMT 69 – LADY by GMT – 16.11.2020 :

Released ideally in the second half of November, when the choice of the right gift is in everyone's mind, LADY by GMT - the only Swiss magazine dedicated to feminine watchmaking and Jewellery - is the best way to convince women and their beloved ones that your creations are the subject of all their desires! While the vast majority of feminine watches or jewelry purchases are still made by men, using a support like GMT Magazine that is familiar to them can drastically increase their confidence and speed up the purchasing process.
In addition to its usual distribution (only B2C watches magazine REMP certified – details on page 5 of the attached media kit), the GMT 69 – Lady by GMT issue benefits from a special diffusion:

  • highly targeted in luxurious fashion boutiques, specialized beauty center, hairdressers (the Spa of La Reserve Hotel, Clinique Générale Beaulieu, Le Melrose)
  • in the prestigious ski resorts including Crans-Montana, Gstaad, Leysin, St-Moritz, Rougemont, Villars sur Ollon, Verbier, etc.

GMT 70 – Christmas, skis resorts– 15.12.2020

In addition to its usual distribution, Geneva and Zurich airports, 4* and 5* Hotels in Switzerland, the GMT 70 issue benefits from a distribution in the luxurious ski resorts including Crans-Montana, Gstaad, Leysin, St-Moritz, Rougemont, Villars sur Ollon, Verbier, etc.




Swiss pioneer in electric vehicle infrastructure since 10 years.

PURE PLAYER in the design and manufacturing of charging solutions for electric vehicles

Products engineered and designed in Switzerland

New opportunities for ad placement coming soon, if you are interested in a test campaign in the Western part of Switzerland please contact us!





25 to 32 screens are displayed in the famous ski resort of Verbier 4 Vallées all year long. They inform the clients and distract them when they queue at the ski lifts and cable cars, eat at the restaurants and purchase their ski passes.

The spots length is minimum 10 seconds and the loop lasts 65 seconds.

The price is per week and the discounts start from 2 weeks of booking.

Please contact us for further information at info@affinity-primemedia.ch


Email us at Affinity-PrimeMEDIAPlease contact us for exciting commercial advertising opportunities.

Affinity-PrimeMEDIA - info@affinity-primemedia.ch