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What do you think about:
How will the Coronavirus change the luxury markets ?(in German)
Wie wird das Coronavirus denLuxusmarkt verändern?
von Beat Hürlimann – published by Horizont


NEW representations

We are very proud to inform you about our new partnerships



The digital advertising on the 32 screens of the Verbier 4 Vallées domain gives important information and distracts customers in the waiting areas of the facilities, restaurants and cashiers.

Through your message, you can reach your target audience in a leisure environment.

Download our media kits here







We present the magazine of the famous Aiglon College boarding school located in Villars-sur-Ollon in the Swiss Alps.

The publication is devoted to highlighting the best in contemporary life in Switzerland and overseas.

Whether it’s adventurous travel, dream cars, or powerful humanitarian projects, the magazine celebrates the people, places, products, and experiences that define life at its best.

Frequency: 2 x year, in July and December

Next edition: mid July – it’s about to close but you’ll have chances to be a partner in our December issue!

Language: English

Reach: 7,000 persons

Target group: This magazine is dedicated to the parents of the students, the alumni, their parents and the prospective families. The educational program of the college attracts HNWI; the families spend CHF 120'000 per child per annum. 77% of the readers are between 35 and 64 years old, 9% are from 25 to 34.

Distribution: Europe, North America, United Kingdom, China & Southeast Asia Asia, Middle East & Central Asia, Russia.





#Roularta cares for readers & advertisers

The corona crisis has had an unprecedented impact on our lives.

What are the consequences for our consumption behavior?

And how will this evolve in the future?

More than 19,000 readers of our magazines gave us an insight into their shopping behavior, their financial situation and their holiday plans.

Watch our video for a first look at the results.

#Roularta cares for readers

Since 13 March, we have been experiencing a time like nothing we have seen before. Covid-19 has thoroughly changed our lives. We all went into lockdown to fight the corona virus together. As an essential business, Roularta Media Group (RMG) stayed active. The news journalists made extra efforts to keep our readers extensively informed about Covid-19 and other current topics. The lifestyle editorial teams came up with all kinds of creative initiatives to provide our readers with relaxing reading breaks every day in these lonely times.

People have been reading more than ever. RMG has continued to commit to its subscription policy, with 13,279 new subscribers in April as a result. Libelle and Femmes d’Aujourd’hui are top of the bill, with an impressive 6,031 new subscribers in April.

Knack and Le Vif/L’Express will henceforth be keeping 2,066 new subscribers informed.

#Roularta cares for advertisers

#Roulartacares to stimulate all Belgian advertisers with new insights, initiatives and attractive solutions in order to help them relaunch their activities after the lockdown period.

Another #Roulartacares initiative for our advertisers is content-to-commerce or CTC: a new approach in which social media posts can simply be shifted through to our familiar editorial environment.

#Roulartacares also means working together with other media in the advertisers’ interests. That is why RMG is now launching the WOW MagPack in collaboration with DPG Media and Mag Advertising: a unique combination of the four strongest Belgian magazine brands Libelle, Femmes d’Aujourd’hui, Dag Allemaal and Ciné-Télé-Revue.

Over recent weeks, RMG has also launched many podcasts through its different media brands.

Trends Business Information, the Roularta department that offers entrepreneurs insights based on financial and commercial information, has created a resilience indicator that indicates the extent to which companies can cope with the corona virus crisis. Every business can enrich its customer and prospect databases with this information or do individual checks at the online platforms TrendsPro and TrendsTop.



Kanaal Z and Canal Z are bringing enriching online webinars to the TV screen, so that many interesting topics reach a far wider business audience. This is an unprecedented initiative on the Belgian TV scene. All these webinars were created through partnerships with advertisers.





Helsingin Sanomat

The Finnish leading newspaper Helsingin Sanomat and the agency TBWA\Helsinki have developed a special „Corona“ ad format which can be read only within a distance of approximately 2 metres.

You can read more here:

Published by Horizont





L'Obs, previously known as Le Nouvel Observateur, is a weekly French language news magazine. It is the most prominent French general information magazine in terms of audience and circulation.

Please check out our new calendars here








The editorial team of MERIAN, with great effort, changed topics of the upcoming issues working from home, due to the current crisis. Now we are working with the attached schedule for the second half of 2020.

Themes EN

Themen DE

Herewith please find also the current magazine profile incl. readership details, a look inside and full presentation 2020.

Profile and presentation EN

Profil und Präsentation DE



After the successful publication of our first issue in April 20, the second magazine will be dedicated to inheritance and bequest.

G.ELD,-In Germany billions are bequeathed every year. This leads regularly to disputes within families. Those who have been affected tell their inheritance and bequest stories.

Our G.ELD,- magazine gives practical advices on how to avoid disputes related to heritage.

Previewed topics

Sustainable financial investments
Your wallet and purse

Date of publication: 14/11/20
Booking deadline: 15/09/20
Copy deadline: 16/10/20

More information here



For four weeks you can exclusively present the topic "Investment and finance" on SZ.de/thema/geldanlage_und_finanzen and benefit from the positive image transfer and high level of visibility. 


The Long Read Magazine of the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

This high end magazine is published 4 times a year and contains the best long pieces from Süddeutsche Zeitung. We select about 25 reports, essays and interviews from every quarter of the year that remain relevant and interesting beyond the context of a specific day.

The target group comprises not only the fans of Süddeutsche Zeitung who often even collect the SZ Langstrecke, but also new and younger readers who perceive SZ Langstrecke as a luxury product and a status symbol from more than just a haptic perspective in today’s mix of different digital and print media.

SZ Langstrecke is available across Germany at train stations and airports as well as at selected points of sale.

New: since March SZ Langstrecke is also available at book stores.

Copy price: €8

 Next Issues:

3/20 – 05th September

Booking deadline: 31st July

4/20 - 05th December

Booking deadline: 30th October

Download your media kit here


The SZ Brand

- Reach across all media 6,100,000 Readers per issue / users per week within the total population.

791,000 Readers per issue / users per week among the decision-maker target group*.

Our performance - Highest net paid copies

Facts in brief

  • Leading
    Süddeutsche Zeitung ranks ahead the national quality dailies
    with more than 327,000 net paid copies per day and 1.28 million daily readers
  • High share of exclusive readers
    The duplication of SZ readers and readers of other national dailies is low:
    It is about 5%
  • Strength in key target groups
    Well-educated, high net-worth hhi, consumption oriented readers with a higher professional status
  • Leading quality newspaper*
    among decision-makers
  • * No combination (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung/Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung am Sonntag and Welt Print Werktag / Welt am Sonntag)

*Sources: IVW audited circulation, Q I 2020, net paid circulation Mon.-Sat.; Media-Analyse (agma) 2019 daily newspapers; German speaking population aged 14 years+: 70.60 M individuals; Leseranalyse Entscheidungsträger (LAE) 2019; Total number of decision-maker in Germany: 2.90 M individuals



In brief

215.86 M Page Impressions per month

103.57 M Visits per month

18.38 M Unique User per month

We invite you to download our latest performance presentation here




Evening Standard

London Fashion Week

For the first time in it’s 40-year history the event, running from the 12th-14th June, will be held entirely online, offering up loads of new exciting opportunities for brands wanting to get in on the action!

All eyes of the world shall be watching as London trail blazes the virtual runway this June, ahead of Paris, Milan and New York. Fashion’s most beloved spectacles won’t disappear – but they will rapidly morph into new digital formats, and The Evening Standard, as long standing London Fashion Week (LFW) media partner, is best placed to share this metamorphosis. Please see attached for ways in which your brand can take centre stage.



Did you know that four years on from becoming a digital pure-play, The Independent is now the UK’s largest quality news brand?

24.5 million people read The Independent news and lifestyle content each month giving us a bigger audience than all the other quality titles (and did we mention that they all have a paper too?)

The IndependentLargest Quality Newsbrand source: Pamco 1 2020. Global audience – Feb 2020 Omniture

Why not plan a digital campaign with us?

We are ready to submit attractive offers, please contact us by
phone 021 781 08 50 or by email to info@affinity-primemedia.ch


Our latest display and partnership opportunities from The Independent and Evening Standard:

One day cross-platform package

● Print - Front Page Strip on the Evening Standard
● Digital - Home Page Take Over of standard.co.uk and independent.co.uk
- 500k impressions
Net Budget £25,500





Paperjam is Maison Moderne's flagship media brand and acknowledged leader of the economic and financial press with 150,000 unique readers of its magazine, supplements and special editions, website, newsletters and business club.

Paperjam is a trustworthy, influential and independent media source, since the year 2000.

Paperjam is targeting economic and political decision-makers, the business community, frontier workers and residents of Luxembourg and the Greater Region, opinion leaders and influencers, senior and middle management.





Paperjam.lu is Luxembourg's leading ecofin daily. It is the main source of information for and about the Grand Duchy’s business community with more than 200,000 unique visitors per month.

The Paperjam.lu site is evolving. It is structured around five themes:

  • "Politics & Institutions"
  • "Financial Centre & Markets"
  • "Companies & Strategies"
  • "Communities & Expertise"
  • "Lifestyle & Daily Life"

Our digital recommendations:

"Tell the time with the Paperjam Newsletter"!

According to loyal subscribers, the arrival of our newsletter twice a day, at 8 am and 4 pm, allows them to keep track of time. It also provides them with real-time business and political news about Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

With over 33,000 subscribers, the Paperjam newsletter is a powerful media source targeting the business and political communities.


The expert voice, where experts share their knowledge.

Have a look at our next “ Grand Dossier – Green Business”

Find our Special Features in the "Communities & Expertise" section of the Paperjam.lu website. These are also relayed via our newsletters. Special Features combine a variety of content (texts, visuals, infographics and videos), providing  readers with the information they need and responding to the challenges faced by different economic sectors.

  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Human Resources
  • Technologies
  • Wealth Management








In terms of content, the FD and BNR Nieuwsradio are at the centre of the interest of the Dutch Decision Maker.

Combined use of the brands FD and BNR (in all forms) will reach no less than 35.5% of all business decision-makers (220,000 persons) in the Netherlands within a month.

Both brands complement each other excellently, but also perform well separately. The FD brand (newspaper, digital replica, app and website) reaches 18.4% of all Dutch business decision-makers every week. These 115,000 target group persons make daily decisions in the areas of business financing, fleet management, purchasing, purchasing automation, etc. BNR also shows good results: almost 17% is reached every week by the BNR brand (radio, website, app).

Within the Decision Makers Survey it is possible to zoom in on the media behaviour of a specific business target group. Think of the Director-Major Shareholder (DGAs). The BNR and FD brands achieve a reach of over 45% of all DGAs in the Netherlands in one month.

Another popular target group: independent entrepreneurs / self-employed persons. FD and BNR manage to reach more than 35% of this target group every month. Interesting to know when your company tries to bring office furniture, software, hardware or disability insurance to the man / woman.

Across the board in the study, it is clear that the FD and BNR are above average in their ability to attract various target groups within the business market. This is reflected in high selectivity indices in, for example, the target group Financial Director, where the FD realizes index 185 on Saturday. BNR Nieuwsradio and the FD achieve selectivity indices of 200 or higher in the business pilots target group.







Exterior Plus

Check out our latest presentation about OOH at the Airports in Spain in view of the re-opening and growing traffic.

Find some stats about the local traffic; the forecast of train passengers 2020.

You’ll find your target group and we’ll find the perfect OOH position for you!




Unidad Editorial has brought its titles as key references into the media landscape, thanks to the rigorous, quality and exclusivity of its information, in addition to the accredited prestige in each segment.


Unidad Editorial is leader of the digital press in Spain, with more than 25 million unique users each month. The group has positioned the Internet as a strategic area in order to expand the editorial offer and strengthen interaction with users.


Radio MARCA is the perfect complement for MARCA and MARCA.com. The MARCA universe as a reference for sports information is a great advertising support for the large variety of profiles and reach.





Green Motion


Good news for Green Motion, the electric charging infrastructures!

Our 81 billboards in the “Suisse Romande” are sold out in July & August 20.

Would you like to become a partner as of September 2020 onwards?

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any offer you could need.




Forbes Schweiz

We invite you to download our latest Forbes Switzerland issue 2/20.

Do you have some new plans for promotions and would you be interested in a very special low offer for our upcoming two issues? We have decided to support also clients for the re-opening of the stores & sales points.

Our upcoming planned issues are:

8.7.20 - Money II, Listing of billionaires

25.9.20 - Forbes Women

30.10.20 - Trade

27.11.20 - Security

18.12.20 - 30 under 30 DACH 


November 30th 2020 in Zurich!

Don’t miss the fantastic opportunity to promote you brand to our high quality business women target group.

The idea of a „Superwoman“ has come up many times throughout history. The heroine has had different faces, names and identities, but she was always superhuman and perfect. By being the perfect boss, the perfect colleague or the perfect parent, we hope to become superheroes ourselves. But perfection isn’t real. We have to allow imperfections to make life truly interesting.

At the Forbes Women’s Summit 2020, we will not strive for perfection. By bringing together role models from across the globe, we will create a new definition of Superwoman – and show how fallen heroes can come back even stronger. During her closing speech of the last Forbes Women’s Summit, Angela Matthes said that “vulnerability is a superpower”. So let’s be there ! 




Adam - The magazine

Next Issue 26.10.20

Speak to our Gentleman 29+

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1/1 page Advertising

1 News (editorial)

1 Digital article

1 IG Post

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