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Affinity-PrimeMEDIA is happy to announce its new team member. A special welcome to Patrick Zanello, who joined us on 1st September as Business Developer and Key Account Manager to reinforce our Sales and Marketing team.

We’ve read…In these days of digital media, many marketers overlook the power of print ads. But the medium is still as relevant and powerful as it ever was – while new technology and creative executions are bringing them to life as never before.





VISION – Julius Bär International

First issue open for advertisers from the luxury sector!

Vision has been published for the last 4 years.

At Julius Baer we have a vision. We want to constantly broaden our horizons and expand our knowledge base. We want to understand the current drivers of global change and, more importantly, to look ahead and explore the trends that could potentially affect the world in the future.

Vision, our flagship publication, delves into these important concepts and provides commentary, in-depth analysis, and food for thought. With contributions from world-class academics, business leaders, and experts, including Julius Baer’s own senior management, each issue is designed to give you a better understanding of our rapidly changing world. Published bi-annually, Vision is available both in print and online through our website.


  • 20 000 copies per issue (14 000 in English, 6000 in German)
  • Two issues per year (spring, autumn)
  • Vision is distributed to Julius Baer clients
  • Available in most of Julius Baer’s client zones and in client meeting rooms globally, over 25 countries with more than 50 locations worldwide including Zurich (Head Office), Dubai, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, Lugano, Luxembourg, Monaco, Montevideo, Moscow, Mumbai, Singapore, and Tokyo
  • Distributed at very exclusive events
  • Targets a selected group of people and thought leaders

Next issues

November 2018 – issue no 8

Booking deadline: 10.09.2018

Material deadline: 15.10.2018

May 2019 – issue no 9

Booking deadline: 11.03.2019

Material deadline: 29.04.2019

Please note that Vision magazine does not have fixed publishing dates and that these dates can vary up until two months prior to publication.

More information here and download of the actual magazine here




The Rolls Royce brand has been the epitome for luxury worldwide for more

than 110 years. THE SPIRIT OF GREATNESS combines style and elegance with a touch of Rock ’n’ Roll in its own special way.

Neither stuffy nor sophisticated. rather cool, mysterious, exclusive, inspiring and entertaining…

With each issue, THE SPIRIT OF GREATNESS presents exciting stories, which will arouse the interest and passion of its discerning and affluent readership.

THE SPIRIT OF GREATNESS is the only German luxury magazine with an affinity for beautiful things – with Rolls Royce as the consignor. And thus, it represents all facets of this luxury car manufacturer’s brand philosophy:

Pleasure, art, travel, real estate, architecture and lifestyle.


THE SPIRIT OF GREATNESS reaches the premium target group of open-minded, wealthy connoisseurs who are open for extraordinary things.


Controlled circulation; personalized mailing to customers of the Rolls Royce representations in Germany (f.e. Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig), Zurich and Vienna, as well as to their exclusive Rolls-Royce circles of friends.

Additional: personal handover during sales conversations and Rolls-Royce events. Display in selected hotels (only luxury class) in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Please have a look at the latest issue HERE

Next issues:

No 2 / 18 – 30.10.18 – booking deadline 3.10.18

No 3/19 – March / April 2019

No 4/19 – October 2019

Book THE SPIRIT OF GREATNESS together with magazines like GO Sixt (Diamond rental card members) or SMAC (exclusive Magazine of the St. Moritz Automobile Club, Switzerland) and you will get a special package offer.




As of July 2018, we hold the exclusive rights in Switzerland & Liechtenstein, to represent exteriorplus in Spain.

We strongly believe that the large selection of advertising spaces, offers a wide range of new opportunities for advertisers and we would be more than happy to send you a tailor made offer for your future product or image campaign.

exteriorplus is an OOH company with 4 main business lines and plenty of different possibilities for advertisements:

  • Transport: exteriorplus commercialises all advertising display spaces in the National Railway network of Spain, including inside and outside the stations and trains. From dynamic digital panels or statics, during events or on places for big gatherings, the portfolio offers something for every format. With its coverage all over Spain, exteriorplus touches a considerable audience with many different profiles, from top executives and managers, to university students or regular commuter users, on their daily way to work.
  • Street Commercial: exteriorplus is the leader in street advertisement for the Mediterranean- and South Atlantic Coasts. Especially in the summer period, the affluence is enormous.
  • Large Formats: With billboards, posters and other formats on highways, in cities or shopping centers, the label is present all over Spain and touches a big audience.
  • Parking network: With its high quality in digital and static displays, exteriorplus strives for a maximum visibility and dissemination in strategic locations or commercial areas like Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona or Velazquez and Colon in Madrid.

Download the presentation here






The luxury city guides to reach the wealthy travellers staying in the 5 star hotels in GENEVA, LONDON, PARIS, MILAN, FLORENCE.

Book your space now – published end November 2018!

Media kit Geneva

Media kit London

Media kit Paris

Media kit Milan

Media kit Florence

  • Our guides showcase the hotels, their services and the must-see attractions in the city where they are located.
  • Concierge Maps guides are given to the hotels at no cost and hand-delivered by the concierges to their guests.


The readership is comprised exclusively of the guests of luxury hotels.

54% Women | 46% Men

Average age of the readers: 48 years old

We publish 2 editions per year, you get 6 months of visibility in all partner hotels:

1,120,000 copies total print run per year in 7 cities


2,016,000 total high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) per year from all the guides.






On 29 June 2018, Roularta Media Group finalised the acquisition of the Sanoma brands.

Acquired portfolio:

  • weekly magazines Libelle/Femmes d’Aujourd’hui (CIM 245,504 copies) and Flair Dutch/French (CIM 74,222 copies)
  • monthly magazines Feeling/Gaël (CIM 69,132 copies)
  • magazines La Maison Victor, Communiekrantand Loving You
  • e-commerce platform She Deals
  • and (respectively 804,135 and 600,841 real users/month) with the corresponding line extensions and social media channels

The target group (online/offline) of the these brands is mainly female and will therefore be a great addition to the existing high-quality target groups, that are already reached through Roularta’s magazine brands such as Knack, Le Vif, Weekends, Trends, Sportmagazine, Nest, Plus Magazine, etc.



Advertisers more than ever are looking for creative ways to communicate credibly and reliably with their target groups about their brand, especially in times of fake news and fake advertising.

To meet this growing demand, Roularta is combining all of its expertise in native advertising, cross-media creativity and content marketing in one competence centre that can develop total solutions for the advertiser: Roularta Brand Studio.






Find out more about our next issue: “Best-of the Best” Yachting / Fashion / Design / Report Luxury Business Day

  • Visionary Alberto Kulach
  • The new Cullinan – first Rolls Royce SUV
  • Best car experiences
  • Masterpieces
  • Cruises and much more
  • Upcoming Fashion
  • 10 top Luxury brands in Germany – LBR, the Luxury Business Report Ranking 2018 (B2B to B2C).

Date of publication: 16.10.18

Booking deadline: 3.9.18

Further issue to plan:

5/18 – 20.11.18 COLLECTORS Issue & ROBB REPORT LUXURY AWARD 2019 Watches (application for Watch companies until the first week of September 2018)




LBR Luxury Business Report is the only corporate magazine for luxury in Germany.

We present exclusive analysis, interviews and the Ranking of the TOP 50 German luxury companies.

LBR publishes annually valuable information for enterprises and brands out of the luxury sector.


Target group: Luxury Professionals

On sale: June 2019

Rates on request

Print run: 2.500 copies

Copy price: 29 €

  • The only corporate magazine in the luxury segment in Germany
  • Presents exclusively the Ranking TOP 50 German luxury enterprises
  • Exclusive media partner with ROBB REPORT – German Edition




BAUHAUS MUSEUM – Special Anniversary

In 2019, Germany will be celebrating the centenary of the founding of the legendary Bauhaus (, together with partners all over the world. Founded in Weimar in 1919, relocated to Dessau in 1925 and closed in Berlin under pressure from the Nazi regime in 1933, the school of art and design only existed for a total of 14 years.

Despite this, the influence of the Bauhaus continues right down to the present day all over the world. We celebrate this anniversary in a special issue published on 29 November 2018.

Date of publication:

29 November 2018

Closing deadline:

31 October 2018

Material deadline:

07 November 2018


App available for SZ and SZ am Wochenende




Besides the news of the new paper and refresh of FD Persoonlijk, FD Mediagroep has implemented adjusted rates for BNR Nieuwsradio since 1 July 2018, and will publish new rates for Het Financieele Dagblad and FD Persoonlijk as of 10 September 2018.

The new gross rates and settlement models will match better the market and changing customer behaviour. The rates for online advertising remain unchanged.

FD launches new newspaper format for digital era!
Focus remains on current and future professional decision-makers.

On 10 September, the FD is taking an important step by launching a completely new format. Since the FD’s ambition is to make the best newspaper in the digital era, they have something to prove!

Being the only national newspaper to appear in Berliner format in March 2013, the FD opts for a special form again. In collaboration with its printing house, the FD has developed a unique format that is practical and user friendly at the same time and can be accessed at any time during the day.

In the weekday paper the new navigation bar shows at one glance what the FD has to offer on any given day. In-depth feature stories will have a QR code that leads the reader to the respective web page.

The clear distinction between news and in-depth information is embodied in a smaller and practical format. The unique size is slightly different than that of the regular tabloids. In times where the use of digital material increases constantly, the desire for well-structured, in-depth and restful newspaper information grows adequately.

Alongside the launch of its new digital format the FD Weekend will be transformed also. With the new supplement ‘FD Futures’ the impact of technological developments on society will be investigated. The new format will be published on 15 September for the first time. The weekly magazine FD Persoonlijk excels at interviews and portraits, and lays its focus on smart living with highly educated ‘peak-time couples’.

Currently the FD has a paid print run of 85,000 and aims to surpass the 100,000 threshold within the coming years.


The Watch Trade Magazine

On November 13th, FD Mediagroep presents the anniversary issue of their prestigious watch magazine Tempus. So many good years to look back to but also looking ahead in this issue to the latest things happening in the watches and jewellery industry, trends, in depth stories about the brands and lots more.

Material deadline: 19th October




Dutch survey institute NOM* stops publication of circulation figures and digital data of news media

*National Onderzoek Multimedia

Starting with the last publication of NOM figures, the circulation figures and digital census data of dailies, including news brands in this case, are no longer available.

News media can explain their performance most accurate via combined REACH figures

REACH figures display, which audiences are active on what media channels. Census figures, on the contrary, don’t offer these insights. To strengthen the focus on REACH, the number of reports will be shortened from 4 times per year to 1 time per year, starting in 2018.
Although the REACH figures for NOM are a main objective, the circulation figures (census) still remain to play an important role.

Cross media REACH the most realistic

Cross media REACH shapes the most realistic development and progress of the news brands in 2018. Advertisers and their media agencies will receive the census data once (formerly 4x) per year. For 2018, the market will receive an integrated report of the print and digital REACH figures of all NOM approved media brands, as a replacement.




The number of people who discover and listen to podcasts is exploding. No other media market is growing as fast as the podcast market. Podcasts represent huge opportunities for advertisers. The audience is unique: niche and highly engaged.

Advantages of Podcast Sponsoring:

  • Selective audience. Listeners are strongly committed to the topic either privately or professionally (or both). Real fans.
  • Attentive listeners. Due to the relevance of the topic, listeners are open to the content.
  • Intense and intimate listening experience. Crawl into the listener’s ear.
  • Conscious decision to listen. Does not drop by accidentally but turned the podcast on, so guaranteed intereNsted in the topic.
  • Exploit the power of the journalistic brands of FD Mediagroep, such as BNR Nieuwsradio and Het Financieele Dagblad. Link your brand to the high-end, high-quality content of our editorial teams.
  • Alternative mention of sponsor. Instead of ‘made possible in part by’, mention by host is possible -more integrated into the content of the podcasts.
  • Distribution via several channels. Not just radio, but app, web and podcast platforms as well. Your brand in iTunes and Spotify.
  • Innovative communication. You are our partner in the development of podcasts and as such are a pioneer in the field of new media.





A great advertising window, find all about one of the leading Spanish publishers HERE




Quality digital channels Dagens Industri – Dagens Nyheter are very popular in terms of advertising environment.

Newsworks and GroupM recently released ground-breaking new research proving quality online environments deliver substantially better results, with cost effectiveness, audience engagement, and brand response all positively impacted.

So, in that sense, quality equals quantity when it comes to effective, tangible results.

When it comes to online ads, those appearing in quality environments — such as on a news brand Web site or sports Web site — are better value for advertisers and more effective, at the very least because they are more likely to actually be seen. The research showed 48% of the measurable ads on the open exchange were never actually viewed, meaning advertisers paid for, well, nothing.

Read more HERE:

Our conclusion is:

Since our digital portfolio in Sweden only consists of very high journalistic quality web sites, you can feel safe to get good value and environment.






Be ready for the upcoming L’OFFICIEL Hommes issue – Men on the Move! Published on 18.10.2018 with exciting topics on:

  • Design
  • Architecture
  • Beauty
  • Wellness & the Art of Living
  • Cars and Boats
  • Art and Culture

Don’t miss the booking deadline: 7.9.2018




We are one of the only luxury women lifestyle & fashion magazine produced in Switzerland by our editorial team at l’OFFICIEL Zurich.

Next issues

4.10.18 – booking deadline delays to 4.9.18

8.11.18 – booking deadline 24.9.18

6.12.18 – booking deadline 29.10.18




Combine your print ads with the online

1 article (48 hours on the homepage) CHF 2600

1 Instagram post CHF 600

1 Facebook post CHF 300

Minimum investment CHF 1500


Our preferred summer video:



Please contact us for any commercial advertising opportunities.


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