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We think this is interesting to read (in German)

Influencer- Marketing: “advertising in magazines seems to have a higher impact than advertising on Instagram!...

And why not read this Mantras about the press as value creator (in French).





Exterior Plus has won the exclusive contracts to run the advertising operations of Madrid and Barcelona airports in the most valuable outdoor media deal in Spain.

Exterior Plus, the leading Digital Out-of-Home company in Spain, has won the exclusive contracts to run the advertising operations of Madrid and Barcelona airports. Together, Madrid and Barcelona handle more than 100 million passengers every year: 57 million in Madrid and 50 million in Barcelona in 2018. Aena, the world's top airport operator, has chosen Exterior Plus to manage these contracts in the future in a pack that also includes the airports of some of the main historical and most widely-visited cities in Spain: Burgos, Girona, Valladolid and Salamanca.

We are happy to be the exclusive representative for clients and agencies in Switzerland. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any future offer!

Read more here:



EVENT - FORBES in Switzerland


Women's Summit

Forbes Women’s Summit comes to Zurich on 16-17.9.19

Due to an enormous amount of positive feedback for the concept of our initial Women’s Summit in Vienna (March 21st, 2019), we will bring the event series to Zurich in September 2019. In terms of structure, all our Women’s Summit are "identical twins" – still, the events will get a local touch through its guests, speakers and partners.

See more about the event in Vienna here





Pre International Together with Prestige Switzerland, the publisher has produced an exceptional luxury magazine. THE WORLDWIDE PUBLICATION OF LUXURY IMPRESSIONS CREATED TO INSPIRE WEALTHY ENGLISH SPEAKING READERS. PRE " International" has partnered with the best airlines, the most exclusive private jet companies and worldwide first and business class airport lounges, which offers advertisers a unique captive upmarket audience. PRE " International" is on-board first and business class on all long-haul flights with SWISS, LUFTHANSA, AUSTRIAN AIRLINES, SINGAPORE AIRLINES, EMIRATES. The luxury Magazine is distributed as well in the First & Business Class and HON lounges of selected airports and the PRIVATE JET and JET AVIATION lounges. Copies are not only available in print but also digitally in over 40 countries in 240,000 hotel rooms and at many airlines. Print run: 126,000 copies issued 4 times per year. We would very much welcome the opportunity to speak, meet and discuss advertising and partnership opportunities with you. Our first issue is available – order your personal copy here Please find our latest media kit



Goes to CHINA!

Kempinski: individual experience of beauty and luxury.

“MY” Kempinski Experience magazine is the Kempinski way of communicating with its clients . It extends the hotel experience, with articles on lifestyle, arts, culture, shopping and travel ideas.

Frequency : 2 x per year – June / December

Distribution: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia

Europe & Middle East – 35‘000 copies per issue

NEW : China – 20,000 copies per issue (separate edition)

Kempinski Hotel in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Taiyuan, Xiamen, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian, Fuzhou, Guiyang, Huizhou, Yinchuan.

Download Europe/Middle East/Africa / Asia media kit here

Download China + combi media kit here






The thing is, that we now are the LARGEST network in Denmark!

The official numbers from The Danish Online Index for February shows, that we are twenty (20…) users ahead of Danish broadcast station TV2 (State owned).

This means, that combined with our capability to target specific groups across all. Please have e a look at all the numbers.




The readers of loves fashion - and loves spending money on it.

This is actually old news, we - and our clients - have known this for a long time…

That’s why Berlingske is the leading newspaper in Denmark regarding fashion, luxury and lifestyle. - and it gets even better.

We can now offer the target group “Fashionista” on

This means, that you can target our users who spends up to six times more time on fashion blogs and don’t mind going on a shopping spree online.

The users who spends more on bags, shoes and clothing than the rest of the population.

Check out our presentation hereby and don’t hesitate to ask personal offers.




After we last year launched the top scroll format on, it is now available for on a desktop.

This is shortly after we broke our own page view record of 300.000.000 back in January.

We know, the numbers are small compared to other countries, but we are barely 6.000.000 people here, all employed in producing bacon, making furniture or riding around on bicycles looking happy...

With an average CTR of 0,77 this is to date our most efficient format.

It is non-intrusive, just scroll down and start reading your news - but you can’t avoid to notice it.

Please click here, if you want to see a demo on our site.





Robb Report

New Cover Claim: Luxury without Compromise - Strong brand – Luxury international

New product pages are planned: Perfect 10 – 10 Dreams

Some of our contents:

Outstanding Personalities & Interviews from the branches of fashion, watches, industry, technology, travel and more

First Class Diaries

The Business

The Genius

Cars and histories

Next issue:

Travel no 2/2019 – 21.5.19 – delayed booking deadline 15.4.19

Adventure , Luxury Experiences, Luxury Brands

  • Maledives Special – Robb Report disclosures the top luxury islands
  • Antarctica – a luxury cruise experience through the perpetual ice
  • Island-hopping in Greece – how to discover the Aegean sea by bike
  • Porsche‘s paradise: California for surfers and auto-afficionados
  • Architecture and Cars: Robb Report follows Frank L. Wright with the new BMW X 7
  • New fashion presented in the pittoresque scenery in Mexico – El Careyes
  • Interview Oliver Berking – Robb Report met the master of classic yachts in Germany
  • Welcome to the Justin Bieber of food: young N.Y. chef Flynn Mc Garry
  • Plus architecture: Super-Skyscrapers of N.Y., Amazonas, Bordeaux wine from China, the private jet of Richard Branson, First Class Diaries, Airport Lounge ....




Across all platforms 5.63 million individuals use the offer of Süddeutsche Zeitung

SZ Süddeutsche Zeitung

Overall 5.63 million individuals read at least one SZ print or digital offer

  • 970,000 exclusively read print
  • 38 million are exclusive weekly digital users
  • 280,000 read print daily but also use SZ digital properties weekly





Spring, time for changes!

Two newsletters are newly published treating about two important political themes:

European vote – SZ Europa-Newsletter

School strikes - Klimfreitag-Newsletter

You’ll find further news as well on the optimised

and.. as from now on you can listen to our Podcast “Das Thema als Alexa Skill” per voice control over your echo- loudspeakers and therefore remain informed on all important actualities.





R2M one is the only German luxury magazine

A fresh and unconventional approach to the pinnacle of luxury.

R2M one combines style and elegance with a touch of Rock ’n’ Roll in its own special way, it is neither stuffy nor sophisticated, but rather cool, mysterious, exclusive, inspiring and entertaining. With each issue, R2M one presents exciting stories, which will arouse the interest and passion of its discerning and affluent readership.

Exclusive & controlled distribution to the customers & prospects of selective Rolls Royce dealers in the UK and members of the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club.

NEW: UK edition

Published twice per year / 7,000 copies

Next issue: beginning of May 2019 – booking deadline 10.4.19





FD: most selective in AB1, B2B, and youngest daily newspaper readers
The FD is the most selective of all national daily newspapers in the AB1 target audience. Nearly 30% of FD readers are in the B2B target audience. Furthermore, as many as 59% of FD readers are aged 25 to 54 years. Premium B2C campaigns perform well in FD, thanks to the affluent target audience that seeks out inspiration in the field of luxury & lifestyle. The high B2B selectivity confirms the choice of campaigns focusing on the business & finance market.

Het Financieele Dagblad

The power of the Saturday edition
FD Weekend offers inspiration and in-depth information, entering the reader’s private domain. The first section focuses on current news. The second section, Futures, revolves around future developments, particularly in technology, digitisation, and society at large. FD Weekend is highly selective in income category 1 (250), B2B target audience (372) and social class AB1 (166).

Het Financieele Dagblad





The FD e-paper interstitial: generates traffic to your website
The FD e-paper contains an interstitial which appears after every 6 pages of the newspaper every day. With on average 15,000 impressions and 304 clicks, the CTR is 2.09%. This is a perfect way to generate traffic to your website or supplement a 1/1 or 1/2 advertising page in the newspaper.

Het Financieele Dagblad





El Mundo

30 years of veracity, compromise and quality journalism.

To celebrate its 30th Anniversary, EL MUNDO has planned various actions in the next coming months.

Magazine 30 anniversary

Observatory & Supplements

Commemorative Event

See our proposals here and please as for your personal offer to become an advertising partner or sponsor.




Because we are leaders in audience with professional content

71% of the Spanish population is connected to Unidad Editorial

We are an influential media

We have all the necessary tools with

  • El Mundo
  • Marca
  • Marca Motor
  • Expansión
  • YO Dona
  • Telva
  • Fuera de serie
  • UE Data
  • UE Studio




Why Marca, the leader in sports? Read more in our presentation.






Special projects and advertising options.

We would like to point out a special action which is 100% new in Expansión.

We have named it “The voice of” and it could be a double column or double Strip Bottom with an opinion article from the: CEO, CIO; CFO…etc of the client on a specific subject.

Further solutions are:

Half fake cover

Complete cover

Front Cover windows

Cover logo

Teaser Campaigns (Front Cover Logo, Front Cover Ad, 1st right hand page)

Belly Band and more

Content advertising in Print & Digital

Branded Video’s

Download our presentation here





Adam The Magazine


We offer


Content, Storytelling, Events, Videos, Tutorials, Image, Fotoshootings, Style Life Productions…


Printed: 10’000 copies twice a year

Language: bilingual German/English

Target: Gentleman 30+

Distribution: newsstands, subscribers, airport, hotels

Order the ADAM The Magazine spring 2019 issue here

Find more news on







We are happy to announce the first Forbes Women Summit in Zurich on September 16/17th 2019. The project will be promoted in the upcoming issues and the event is organized by the Forbes Team!

What can you do in terms of advertising & communication with us?

  • Advertise within an interesting environment in our next 6 issues
  • Opt for ADVOICES and ask for offers!
  • Limited Sponsoring programs are available

Our next issues

02/19 – Money/ Blockchain

Publication date 27.4.19 / Booking deadline 15.4.19

While its form and function might change, it’s still our constant companion. What can we still expect from “old money” in the future? And what does the situation in the cryptoworld look like after all the recent turmoil? We portray the leading heads of the world of money – both old and new.

Including following further themes:

  • Property / Wealth
  • Wealth Management / Private Banking
  • Crypto currency / trading
  • Watches

03/19 – Forbes 30 under 30 DACH

Publication date 15.6.19 / Booking deadline 3.6.19

“Forbes 30 Under 30” is one of the most powerful brands in the Forbes universe, where the leading thinkers and doers of tomorrow are being portrayed across the globe. We also contribute to this network, by portraying a total of 90 people (30 each from Germany, Switzerland and Austria) under the age of 30, who despite their young age have already achieved extraordinary things.

04/19 – WOMEN

Publication date 20.9.19 / Booking deadline 9.9.19

In its very first magazine issue in 1917, Forbes intro­duced a category called “Women in Business”. To­day, the global initiative still portrays the coolest female role models and is one of the pillars of our content strategy. We feature the most important female entrepreneurs, investors and managers in the DACH region and beyond. Our idea: to motivate others to follow these models.



Digital first through our programmatic offer, please contact us.


Email us at Affinity-PrimeMEDIAPlease contact us for any commercial advertising opportunities.