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ESI Media

Affinity-PrimeMEDIA is going further into the future; we have won the representation of a major media owner of digital and print - ESI MEDIA  - including,, Evening Standard and ES Magazine.

Some salient words from the publisher.

As we all learn to navigate these turbulent times, the Evening Standard is no different in terms of having to be agile and in synch with its readers’ needs. In times of crisis and uncertainty, people turn to trusted news sources for reliable news, information and analysis. Since its launch on May 21st, 1827, the Evening Standard has had a proud history of standing defiantly alongside Londoners even in the most challenging of circumstances.

The Standard's role in supplying relevant, useful news becomes even more crucial as the threat of disruption from Covid-19 Coronavirus in the UK looms larger, with a measurable increase in readers seeking updates and advice.

Many Londoners have found themselves WFH and as a result the streets, particularly in the centre of town, have been much quieter than normal. And we expect this trend to increase, as the outbreak continues and transport services reduce further.

But it has been heartening to see how well our daily distribution figure has held up, achieving a four-day average of 642,000 copies per day in challenging circumstances. It has also been notable how our pick up in suburban supermarkets such as Waitrose and Sainsbury’s has also increased. It seems the Standard is an essential supply alongside a pack of paracetamol.

Given the changed dynamics of where our readers now are, we have been working hard on a unique new service for Londoners which will allow the Standard to still reach the commuters who normally would have been picking up their copies in Zone One but who are now working from home.

As well as up-weighting the volumes of copies into essential retailers, we have been launching a unique new Home Delivery Service since March 25th.  For the first time in its history the Evening Standard is distributed directly to people’s houses in 26 neighbourhoods in Zone Two and Three. From Hampstead to Bethnal Green, Brixton to Hammersmith, Swiss Cottage to Greenwich, our vans and delivery teams will home deliver hundreds of thousands of copies every single day.

This means we have temporarily reduced the number of distributors at central travel points in anticipation of further restrictions. It also allows us to take hundreds of merchandising staff from the streets where they are face to face with customers and re-deploy them into a Home Delivery network which reduces contact.

In total we are targeting 500,000 copies per day which we believe is an appropriate scale in the circumstances and is still considerably larger than anything else serving London’s readers.